Transformer Ratio Meter Fully Automatic-TRM-11
Transformer Ratio Meter Fully Automatic-TRM-11

Transformer Ratio Meter Fully Automatic-TRM-11



Description: UDEY TRM-11 is a new generation, fully automatic, transformer turns ratio tester designed for measuring ratio, ratio error of single and three phase transformers. The entire test is done automatically and quickly. Operator enters the test parameters and TRM-11 takes over; powers up the voltage, balances the bridge, takes the readings, and displays the results on the LCD screen. Prints test results through its built-in printer. A key feature of the TRM-11 is automatic measure transformer connection group. LV and HV windings are automatically isolated once the measurement is over. True portability is achieved by the lightweight (only 10 kg), single unit design housing the TRM-11. The TRM-11 is encased in an aluminum alloy cabinet.

  • Machine Feature

    • Fully Automatic; No Manual Balancing
    • Automatic measure transformer connection group
    • Test Single phase and three phase transformers
    • Automatic process transformation of group
    • Automatic calculation of ratio error
    • Isolates test voltage automatically after test
    • Recall and print last 30 test results
    • Print results on built-in printer
  • Machine Technical Specification


    Display LCD
    Power supply 220V±10%, AC 50 Hz.
    Measurement ratio 1:10000
    Test Voltage HV:190V AC. MAX.
    LV: 0.19 - 190V AC. MAX.
    Accuracy 0.2 class
    Usage environment < 40º C. < 85% R.H.
    Accessories Test leads 8 meters long
    Dimensions 40 x 30 x 20 cm (TRM 11)
    Weight 10 kg. (TRM 11)


  • Standard Accessories

    1. Flexible 3 core testing leads with alligator clamp -1 pair.
    2. Mains connecting cable.
    3. Earth Cable.
    4. PC Soft ware for RS 232.
    5. RS 232 cable 
    6. Paper roll for printer, 1 no.
    7. Spare fuses 2 nos.
    8. Operating manual 1 no.      
  • Video