Oil Resistivity Tester
Oil Resistivity Tester

Oil Resistivity Tester



OTD-45 is single self contained unit containing oil test cell, high frequency induction heating with temperature controller/sensor; dielectric loss measuring bridge, AC test voltage source, SF6 filled standard capacitor; high resistance meter; DC voltage source and all digital circuits. Large screen LCD displays each step, tips and measurements. Built-in printer prints the test results.

  • Machine Feature

    • Maximum output of2 k\L
    • Stainless Steel 3 terminai oil test ceil.
    • Memory storage and recall of test resutts
    • I-Touch LCD screen.
  • Machine Technical Specification

    Input voltage 220V±10% AC, 45 to 60 Hz
    Output voltage 1000V to 2000V in steps of 200V
    Output voltage Accuracy: ±2%
    Output current 25mA maximum
    Display LCD display [240 x 180]
    Printer Thermal built-in.
    Controls Keypad
    Indicators Status: HV; Heating;
    Oil cell S S of size 70mm (D) x 120 mm (H).
    3 pole, electrode distance of 2mm,
    Cell capacitance 60±2pF
    Oil cell voltage 2000V maximum
    Heating Type : High freq. induction heater of 500W maxi.
    Temp. range : < 100˚C
    Temp. error : 1˚C
    Measuring parameters : Range : 0.000% to 100.0%
    Tan delta : Accuracy : 1% of reading + 20 digits
    Capacitance : Range : 15.0pF to 300pF
      : Accuracy : 1% of reading + 1pF
    Resistance : Range : 10 Mohm to 10 Tohm
      : Accuracy : 10% of reading
    Volume resistivity Calculated automatically and displayed.
    Environmental Relative humidity : up to 50˚C
    Relative humidity : < 90% non-condensing

    Size : W x D x H: 45 x 31 x 36 cm

    Weight : 20 kg

  • Standard Accessories