AC, DC, AC and DC Hipot
AC, DC, AC and DC Hipot
AC, DC, AC and DC Hipot
AC, DC, AC and DC Hipot

AC, DC, AC and DC Hipot


UDEY H.V. testers are specifically designed for safe and accurate measurement of leakage current to evaluate insulation integrity. These testers are portable, one end ground test systems, ideal for H.V. testing. Accurate leakage measurements are ensured by placing the current meter in the return of the H.V. path. Many features which UDEY provides as standard are either offered by competitors as optional features or not at all. Years of Design, engineering and manufacturing experience have made UDEY H.V. testers the most durable, easily operated and the best designed sets in the industry.

  • Machine Feature

    • Panel mounted controls & indicators with easy to read legend.
    • Continuously variable output from zero to full voltage.
    • Low end ground test.
    • Multi range analogue kV meter and current meter.
    • Fast acting overload circuit breaker.
    • Zero start interlock.
  • Machine Technical Specification

    NPUT 220 Volts ± 10 %, 50/60 HZ AC single phase.
    RATING 100 % - 10 minutes and 50 % - continuous.
    METERING Analogue, linear scaled moving coil meters of 96 mm square.
    kV meter : Two ranges
    mA meter : Two ranges
    Accuracy of measurement : ± 4 % of full scale.
    TRIP 20% to 100% of rating adjustable.
    OUTPUT CONTROL One knob manual control.
    COOLING Air cooled epoxy resin cast up to 50 kV and oil cooled for 75 kV and above.
    CONSTRUCTION Sheet steel cabinets powder coated.
    Up to 30 kV : Single unit witd lifting handles and rubber legs.
    50 kV and above : Two unit on wheels.

    Model Output: 50 HZ Model Output: Peak value
    HJ-5-50 0-5kV / 50mA HPD-3-20 0-3kV / 20mA
    HT-10-100 0-10kV / 100mA HPD-5-20 0-5kV / 20mA
    HT-20-100 0-20kV / 100mA HPD-10-20 0-10kV / 20mA
    HT-30-100 0-30kV / 100mA HPD-20-20 0-20kV / 20mA
    HT-50-100 0-50kV / 100mA HPD-30-20 0-30kV / 20mA
    HT-75-100 0-75kV / 100mA HPD-50-20 0-50kV / 20mA
    HT-100-100 0-100kV / 100mA HPD-75-20 0-75kV / 20mA

    Model Output-DC(peak Value) Output-AC(50 Hz)
    HPACD-5 0-5kV / 10mA 0-5kV / 10mA
    HPACD-10 0-10kV / 10mA 0-10kV / 10mA
    HPACD-20 0-20kV / 10mA 0-15kV / 10mA
    HPACD-30 0-30kV / 10mA 0-20kV / 20mA
    HPACD-50 0-50kV / 6mA 0-35kV / 12mA
    HPACD-75 0-75kV / 5mA 0-50kV / 10mA
    Testers with higher output capacity also manufactured.
  • Standard Accessories