DC Hipot Testers DPW Series
DC Hipot Testers DPW Series
DC Hipot Testers DPW Series

DC Hipot Testers DPW Series


DPW-60-5 DPW-80-5 DPW-120-5 DPW-160-2 DPW-200-5

These portable testers have been designed to be used in testing high voltage equipment in power engineering. Routine testing of the insulation and leakage is a necessary requirement for surge arresters, cable breakdown testing, capacitor charging and other laboratory use.

  • Machine Feature

    • Switched-mode technology utilizing pulse width modulation to control the output voltage accurately.
    • Voltage divider is an integral part of the tester with an surge limiting resistor.
    • Tester delivered in two sections: Control and HV unit. Each packed in a flight case for easy transportation.
    • Testers of over 200kV voltage, HV unit has adjustable legs to increase the equipment's stability.
    • Digital kilo voltmeter and µA/mA meters display the test voltage and leakage current.
    • Zero start up. Audible alarm and LEDs for breakdown and over voltage occurrences.
    • Small dimension. Low weight. Carried conveniently.
    • Discharge pole with limiting current impedance.
  • Machine Technical Specification

    Supply power
    Output voltage
    230V AC ± 10%, 50 Hz.
    As per model.
    Output current As per model.
    Ripple factor < 0.35%.
    Trip mA 1.15 times rated current
    Rating Intermittent.
    Accuracy and stability
    of HV adjustment
    Meters LED digital readouts for kV: Double range
    mA: uA + mA
    Measurement accuracy of ±1.5%±2 digit.
    voltage and current :  
    Environment temperature : 45°C
    Relative humidity : 90%.
    Relative altitude : 2000m



    Model Output Control Unit HV Unit 22 mm dia
        Dimension(cm) Weight(kg)    
    DPW-60-5 60kV/5mA 31x30x33 14 Single Unit 0
    DPW-80-5 80kV/5mA 22×34×30 7 880 20
    DPW-120-5 120kV/5mA 22×34×30 7 880 20
    DPW-160-2 160kV/2mA 22×34×30 7 905 19
    DPW-200-5 200kV/5mA 40×50×27 16 1200 23
    DPW-250-5 250kV/5mA 40×50×27 16 1205 25
    DPW-300-5 300kV/5mA 40×50×27 16 1208 25



  • Standard Accessories

    a) Mains cord 2 meter long - 1 Number
    b) HV Test Leads - 1 Number 
    c) Earth cable 4 metre long - 1 Number
    d) Discharge rod - 1No.