Relay Testing Set
Relay Testing Set

Relay Testing Set



Model RTS-963 is an ideal, newly developed multifunction relay tester adopting monolithic computer technology. It is composed of auto synchronized digital millisecond timer, logic controlling unit, multifunction digital display, high precision digit collection and processing unit, current-voltage output unit, overload and over range protection unit. Test process is automatic for improved efficiency. The tester has a built in printer for printing the results.

  • Machine Feature

    • Micro-computer controlled: Self test function and error reporting
    • Audio + Visual warning and automatic cut-off for overload and over range
    • Highly intelligent: One key tests and prints complete parameters of universal relay
    • LED display screen
  • Machine Technical Specification

    Input 240 ± 5% Volts AC, 50 Hz, Single phase
    AC voltage output 0-250 volts maximum capacity of 600VA
    Over range protection260 volts
     AC current output 0-50 amps  open circuit voltage of 10 volts
    0-100 amps open circuit voltage of 5 volts
    Over load protection120 amps
    AC voltage output 0-250 volts continuous maximum current 2 amps
    Over range protection260 volts
    Over load protection2.1 ± 5% [buckle wave co-efficient is S≤0.1.
    DC current output 0-200mA; open circuit voltage 48V; over-load protection230mA
    0-5Amp; ; open circuit voltage 24V; over-load protection5.2A   
    Fixed DC-V output Independent output110V or 220V at 2.5A
    Millisecond meter 5 digit, auto synchronized millisecond counter. Maximum range of
    100 hours. Resolution0.01 millisecond
    Accuracy0.01% ± 1 digit
    Output Accuracy ±1%
    Dimensions 46 x 32 x 31 cm  [approximately]
    Weight 20 kg [approximately]
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