Digital kV Meter

Digital kV Meter


VM-10, VM-20 , VM-30

High Voltage Meters measure AC and DC voltages of up to 30kV with high accuracy. The meter input impedance is as high as 1000 M ohm, making the meter suitable for measurement of voltages of high source impedance circuits. Meters are compact and light weight and can be conveniently used as a calibration meter.

  • Machine Feature

    • Voltage display: 4.5 digit LED
    • Accuracy AC: 1.5% + 5 counts
    • Accuracy DC: 1.0% + 5 counts
    • Light weight: approx. 3.5 kg
  • Machine Technical Specification

    Model Range
    VM-10 0.5-10 kV AC/DC
    VM-20 1.0-20 kV AC/DC
    VM-30 1.0-30 kV AC/DC
  • Standard Accessories