Circuit Breaker Analyzer

Circuit Breaker Analyzer



Model ‘CBA-81’ is a latest state of the art micro-processor based analyzer for  circuit breaker analysis. This can test all types of SF6 breakers, GIS switchgear, vacuum  switches and oil breakers with metal contacts.   CBA-81 has universal speed sensor, linear travel sensor and rotation sensor, thus making  installation and use very simple and convenient.  CBA-81 has a large liquid crystal screen for display. Menu in English gives prompts for  carrying out the test operation. The CPU has large memory and stores several sets of  ‘switch off’ and ‘switch on’ test results. A real-time clock is provided to file and record the  date and specific time of test.  A built-in micro-printer of fast speed can print all the data and illustrations.  For computerization, the ‘CBA-81’ has software for connection to a PC to save results in  hard disk directly or to be sent to other printers. ‘CBA-81’ has strong data analysis function  to effectively analyze each index and parameters of mechanical characteristics of circuit  breakers.  Additionally ‘CBA-81’ also has a ‘USER-DEFINED’ program for speed, enabling the user to  define different instantaneous opening speeds and instantaneous closing speeds.

  • Machine Feature

    • Time: Intrinsic O-C time, in-phase state and corresponding period, and phase to  phase synchronization of 12 fractures.  
    • Closing resistance: Pre-contact time, pre-contact waveform and resistance of  closing resistance of six breaks.  
    • Reclosing: The process time of ‘C-O’, ‘O-C’, O-C-O’: first opening time, first closing  time, second closing time, contact time and no-current time value.  
    • Bounce: Switch on bouncing time, bouncing times, bouncing process and bouncing  waveform of each break: switch off rebound amplitude of each break. 
    • Speed: Instantaneous opening speed and instantaneous closing speed, maximum  speed, time-travel characteristics curve 
    • Travel: Total travel, open distance, over travel, overshoot travel, rebound amplitude. 
    • Current: ‘O-C’ current of O-C coils, current oscillogram.
    • Output power: DC 30,250 V/20A of digitally regulated operating power supply for  circuit breaker is supplied by the tester and test of low-pressure operating is  completed automatically to measure the operating voltage of circuit breaker.   
  • Machine Technical Specification

    Input power supply: 230V ± 10%, 50 Hz ± 10% 

    TIME MEASUREMENT RANGE: 4000.0 ms with resolution of 0.1 ms 

    ERROR:  Within 100 ms: 0.1ms ± 1 byte 

         Above  100 ms: 0.1 % ± 1 byte 

                    Synchronization: ± 0.1ms 

    SPEED MEASUREMENT RANGE: 20.00 m/s with resolution of 0.01 m/s 

    ERROR:  Within 0-2 m/s: ± 0.1m/s ± 1 byte 

         Above     2 m/s: ± 0.1m/s ± 2 byte  


    Item Measurement  

    range Resolution Error 

    Vacuum Circuit Breaker 50.0 mm 

    SF 6       Circuit Breaker 300.0 mm 

    Oil         Circuit Breaker 600.0 mm 


    0.1 mm  1% ± 1mm 

    CURRENT measuring range: 20.00A with resolution of 0.01A 

    OUTPUT POWER SUPPLY: DC 30?250 V/20A digital adjustable/20A [Instantaneous 


    Environment: Temp: 10?40 C  

    Humidity: less than 80% RH 

  • Standard Accessories