VLF AC Hipot Testers

VLF AC Hipot Testers


It is well known that DC testing of aged extruded cable such as XLPE and EPR is potentially damaging to the cable insulation causing premature failure of the cable under service conditions.
In addition, DC “proof” or hipot testing has been found to be ineffective in detecting even serious defects in cables. Since this is the main objective of any hipot test, and due to the negative side effects of DC, VLF wave form testing is now recommended by almost all cable testing standards/guides such as IEEE, CENELEC, VDE, SABS etc.
Acceptance or maintenance hipot/proof testing using VLF high voltage sinusoidal AC allows the operator to efficiently detect serious cable insulation defects, before they result in an in-service failure, without affecting those healthy sections of the cable that still have remaining service life.

  • Machine Feature

    • Programmable micro-controller
    • Advanced digital frequency technology
    • Built-in printer
    • Portable
    • AC HIPOT testing of cables and electrical apparatus is now easier than before
    • UDEY VLF testers are suitable for testing cables, transformers, switchgear, rotating machinery, & other electrical apparatus.
  • Machine Technical Specification

    Input 220 ± 5% Volts AC, 50 Hz, single phase.
    Output-Voltage AC 30kV / 50kV / 80kV
    Output frequency 0.1Hz, 0.05Hz, 0.02Hz.
    Stability of frequency Fluctuation < 0.5%
    Measurement accuracy ±3%.
    Positive and negative voltage peak errors <3%.
    Voltage waveform distortion <5%
    Test Settings 1) Frequency : 0.1Hz, 0.05Hz, 0.02Hz
    2) Timing: 0-99 minutes.
    3) Test Voltage: Zero to rated kV.
    4) Trip Current: Zero to rated mA.
    Protection 1) Self-check. if condition is abnormal, tester
    shuts down & displays ‘Load unconnected’
    2) Mains fuse.
    3) Over voltage protection.
    4) Over current protection.
    5) Protective HV resistor connected inside.
    Construction In two units: Controller and Booster..
    Ambient conditions of use Temperature Indoor and outdoor : -10 to + 40ºC. Humidity:<85%

    Model Output Load Carring Capacity Control Unit Booster
          Dim(cm) Wt(Kg) Dim(cm) Wt(Kg)
    VL-32 30kV/20mA 0.1Hz<=1.1µF
    28x37x22 5 33x18x34 25
    VL-53 50kV/30mA 0.1Hz<=1.1µF
    28x37x22 6 37x24x39 40
    VL-85 80kV/50mA 0.1Hz<=1.1µF
    28x37x22 7 33x18x34
  • Standard Accessories

    1) One power supply cord.
    2) One interconnecting Cable.
    3) One special high voltage cable.
    4) One special low voltage cable.
    5) One discharge rod.
    6) Three Paper rolls.
    7) Six fuses.
    8) One operating manual.
  • Video