DC Hipot Testers DPC series
DC Hipot Testers DPC series
DC Hipot Testers DPC series

DC Hipot Testers DPC series


DPC-60-5 DPC-80-5 DPC-120-5

DPC series hipots are used for proof testing of high voltage equipment in power engineering. Routine testing of the insulation and leakage is a necessary requirement for electrical equipments. Other areas include: Cable breakdown testing, capacitor charging and general laboratory use.

  • Machine Feature

    Portable: 60kV-5mA; only 10kg. Over voltage protection setting. Digital readout of test voltage & leakage current. Extra mA meter to measure leakage in HT. Aluminum alloy cabinet with cover with handle.
    Easy to carry as small dimension and low weight.
  • Machine Technical Specification

    Supply Power 230V AC + /- 10%, 50 Hz.
    Output Voltage As per model
    Output Current As per model
    Ripple Factor < 3%
    Trim mA 1 to 1.1 times rated current
    Rating Intermittent [15 min ON/OFF]
    Accuracy HT setting <1.5%
    Meters Digital display: kV and mA
    Measurement accuracy 3% max + /- 2 digits
    Environment Termparature 45 C max
    Stirrer Automatic (60 Seconds).
    Timer Automatic (60 Seconds).
    Enclosure Aluminium metal cabinet with cover and lifting handles.
    Ralative Humidity Non-condensing: 80% max
    Cabinet Aluminum cabinet with handle

    Model DPC-60-5 DPC-80-5 DPC-120-5
    Voltage Output 0-60kV DC 0-80kV DC 0-120kV DC
    Current output 5mA 5mA 5mA
    Trip level 5 to 5.5mA Control+HT unit Control+HT unit
    Construction Control+HT unit 5 to 5.5mA 5 to 5.5mA
    cm : app.
    CU : 37 x 27 x 22
    HT : 40 x 20 x 21
    CU : 38 x 27 x 25
    HT : 43 x 23 x 24
    CU : 38 x 27 x 25
    HT : 43 x 23 x 24
    Weight kg app. CU:6  HT:4 CU:8  HT:10 CU:8  HT:10
  • Standard Accessories

    Molded mains cord - 1No.
    HV Test leads - 1No.
    Earth cable, 4 meter long - 1No.
    Discharge rod - 1No.
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